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Abstract and Abstracter

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Abstract in Latin means detached; in the case of fine art detached from representation. Abstract painting may resemble something concrete: a landscape, a face, dancing figures. Abstracter pictures are those that may hint at a semblance but remain essentially ambiguous. Curiously, when a work strays far enough from representation, in certain ways it becomes real, meaning it is no longer representative of something. It’s its own thing -- a hallmark of much contemporary art. Here is a subject worthy of debate: whether (abstract) patterns qualify for realness in this way. Or are they purely decorative? In other words, does there need to be a subject? Here is a beginning.

Abstracter 1 (study). Acrylic and medium on paper.

Evocative, not specific. Would you like there to be a story? E.G. Rhino Crossing a River? Lighthouse with no Light? Abstracter 2 (study). Acrylic and medium on paper.

Abstracter 3 (shown on a gray background)

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